About Me

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I grew up with trees, herbs and shrubs. I developed love and admiration for the nature and its abundant bounty of greens. I am an herb enthusiast and love to use them in culinary dishes and naturopathy. I am using herbs in alternative therapy and they are an essential part of my life.

For me a garden is a place free from tension and the solitude offers a place of respite. I am a garden enthusiast and love planting trees. I have a small garden of which one part is dedicated for growing herbs.

My love for the plants, flowers and trees grew as I grew older. I have taken inspiration from my Dad’s flower and herb garden. My little garden has herbs that I use to prepare tea and local cuisines.

Gardener's Alphabet
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Gardener Harvesting Summer Vegetables from Raised Bed Vegetable Plots, UK
Gary Smith
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George's Allotment
Lisa Graa Jensen
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