Astringent Herbs for Your Home Garden

Growing astringent herbs in your home garden will help you in easing digestion and digestive problems from the kitchen herb garden itself. You do not need to run to the physician; however in extreme case of food poisoning it is advised to take help of the Doctor immediately.

Herbs for Healthy Aging

Herbs for Healthy Aging: Natural Prescriptions for Vibrant Health

Herbs such as agrimony, thyme, rosemary and carob are known as astringent herbs. There are many more that you can grow in your herb garden.


Diarrhoea can be caused by poor absorption in intestine, food poisoning. It can easily lead to dehydration if not treated immediately as it empties and discards necessary fluids from the body. Tannins found in the Astringent herbs can soothe stomach aches and aid in digestion.

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