Awesome Gifts for Herb Gardeners

Any time is great for starting an herb garden and if you have gardener friends here are some awesome green thumb gifts for herb gardeners. They will enjoy these beautiful, economic gifts whether or not they are experts or amateurs in gardening.



Rose Gloves with Gauntlet
Not just for roses, these robust gloves are herb gardener’s best friend.

• 70% nylon 30% PU
• Light weight fully synthetic
• Comfort fit will reduce blisters
• Machine washable
• Stylish colors in ruby/moss

Thanks to the leafy herbs, there is no menacing presence of thorns in the garden. However; these gloves are not just for thorny roses, they are highly desirable and flexible sturdy gloves that can protect the herb gardener from scratches and scrapes performing various functions of digging and pruning.

While there is no denying the fact that glove protects the hands, the material used is made of elastic nylon and is designed with extra long shields to protect the arms from not only thorns but poisonous vines and bugs. They are machine washable, flexible and won’t get damaged easily. The gloves are lightweight and designed to enhance airflow for added comfort and a protective elbow-length gauntlet.



Vintage Silverware Herb Garden Plant Markers

The set of vintage customized handmade markers come in 5 and 10 number

• Handmade from Vintage Silver Plated Spoons
• Customizable Inscriptions
• Great gifts
• Plant and Herb Garden Markers

An ideal gift for the herb gardener this charming set of 10 vintage silver-plated herb plant markers can be customized for your usage. It helps the beginners and also the expert gardener with the names of the herbs especially at the time when you keep forgetting what you have planted and where it was located. They look gorgeous on the herbs pot with the shining of silver plated flatware handle turned garden marker. They are sure to bring a smile on the herb gardener’s fact when he/she finds tough recalling the name of herbs grown.

Please note that you might not receive the exact handles shown in the picture because they are procured from old and vintage farm auctions. The size depends upon the spoon and the fork they were made for and are ideal for potted herbs.

They come from an abandoned silverware box that was perhaps used but not opened for years together; hence they might not be brand new. The markings and patina on these handles are distinct and give them their uniqueness and charm. Each letter is stamped one at a time, so each marker is one of its kinds.



Joy of Flowers Gardening Gift Basket

This lovely and joyful gift is an herb gardeners dream.

• Reinforced Mesh Garden Gloves
• Steel gardening trowel
• Flower tool for cutting
• Honey Rose Lip Balm
• SPF 30 Sunscreen Pocket Pen
• Gardener’s Hand Cream with Natural Cedar Scent,
• 2 flower seed packets – Morning Glory and African Daisy
• Daisy Flower Air Freshener

An herb garden is not complete without some presence of flowers. Having flowers in your herb garden attract the beneficial insects and bees for cross pollination. Not only it is good for flowers, it is good for herbs too. Because, this blooming gift will ensure a bountiful harvest of herbs.

A dream gift for a gardener comes with surprises, this is essentially a gift for that gardener who is an unusual horticulturist at heart. The lovely gift comes fully assembled and wrapped in cellophane with an attached Gerber Daisy that can be clipped to a gardener’s hat. Watch the seeds grow into beautiful blooms this season.



Delicious Large Herb Garden Mix in Round Wood and Wicker Container

These are the Chef’s favourite edible live herbs which are ready for eating

• An assortment of delicious herbs in beautiful wood and wicker container
• Great gift for anybody who loves to cook or simply loves to eat!
• Herbs may vary by season
• 7 day freshness guaranteed

This lively green gift of live herbs is growing to make the face of herb hardener gleam with glow and possibly green with envy his /her neighbours. A delicious mix of herbs in a round wood and classy wicker basket that is definitely going to spice up the herb garden and the cuisine is the perfect gift for the gardener especially for a gardener who loves to cook with fresh herbs.

These culinary herbs are sure to jazz the aroma of the kitchen. The herbs will generally vary according to the season, they contain a variety of Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, oregano, sage, thyme etc. The recipient will receive it in a planter covered with Spanish moss.

Other gifts that are equally stunning and are hit with the gardeners.

Rustic Romance Garden Bench

Price: 247.48
Enjoy the great outdoors like never before with this rustic garden gazebo bench! Quaint weathered timber construction lends the look of a country classic; a sturdy roof shelters you from the elements. Perfect for cuddling with your sweetie, or just enjoyi

Pinewood Garden Swing

Price: 185.48
Rustic garden swing is perfect for porch or patio; comfy bench is roomy enough for two! Oil-and-lacquer finished for lasting beauty outdoors. A restful way to dream away the day! Some assembly required. Due to the dimensional size & weight of these items,

Alabastrite Couple Garden Fountain

Price: 148.98
A young couple is caught in a spring shower, but their thoughts don’t appear to be on the weather. Brings out the romantic in everyone! Pump included. UL Recognized. Fiberglass. 20″ diameter x 42″ high.

Alabastrite Garden Lion Pair

Price: 83.14
In all their royal splendor, this pair of lion ornaments will make a great entrance statement for your garden, patio or driveway. Price per pair. 9″ x 18″ x 11 1/2″ high. 18″ x 18″ x 11 1/2″ high.

Art-Glass Garden Vase

Price: 63.48
Whether filled with fragrant blooms or elegantly alone, this stunning vase is a showpiece you won�t want to be without! Glowing glass mosaics create the illusion of a glorious garden. Decorative purposes only. Weight 6.4 lbs. Glass. 6 1/4″ diameter x 11

Garden Gnome Greeting Sign

Price: 38.98
An apple-cheeked forest gnome perches perkily on his hand-hewn bench, grinning a greeting to one and all. He’s even brought along a furry-tailed pal to help with his duties as host! A witty and winsome way to welcome visitors to your home with a darling d

Garden Angel with Gazing Ball

Price: 59.99
In this intricately detailed sculpture, an alabastrite angel gazes thoughtfully into a 4″ diameter mirror ball. Delightful and divine! 13″ x 11 1/4″ x 24″ high.

Verdigris Garden Centerpiece

Price: 57.98
Fantastic three-in-one decoration adds liveliness to any garden! Lightweight yet sturdy enough for years of enjoyment, this faux-metal treasure brings together a generous birdbath, a solar night light, and a place for four of your favorite plants. Weight

Botanical Angel Garden Sculpture

Price: 48.48
This lovely sculpture, depicting an angel with a floral bouquet, is the perfect spiritual accent for your garden. Alabastrite. 10 1/4″ x 8 1/2″ x 23 1/4″ high.

Fairy Garden Sign

Price: 46.48
Let this enchanting ornament cast a “love spell” over your garden! Proclaiming “Love Blooms Here,” it offers a fairy with butterflies and flowers. Ivory-finish alabastrite. 17 1/8″ x 7 7/8″ x 16 3/4″ high.

“Gardenia” Flatware – 20 Pc

Price: 42.98
Art-Nouveau floral embossing adds a touch of gentility to this collection of gleaming utensils, gracing each place setting with a glimmer of sweet nostalgia. Complete place-settings for four people include spoon, teaspoon, knife, fork and salad fork. Dish

Leapfrogging Children Garden Statue

Price: 41.98
This garden statue looks like a fine wood carving, and features children merrily playing a game of leapfrog. Alabastrite. 11 1/8″ x 7 3/8″ x 20″ high.

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