Benefits of Herbs

The benefits of herbs are many fold. They are used in beauty, medicine and cooking. They can be dried and powdered for their usage as spices. The juices of herbs are healthy, they are used in herbal tea concoctions. They provide essential nutrients; many herbs are used in hair oil and conditioner. Creams, lotions and face scrubs use fruits and herbs for the aroma and soothing, cooling effect/

They are used as bases or carriers for scents and deodorants. Tinctures are used for medicine and ointments. Most of them have antioxidant properties, they prevent free radicals to play havoc in our body. They have the capability of reducing the harmful formation of compounds that are fattening.

Most of them are easily affordable and available in the pharmacy and vegetable farms. They are effective in reducing heart attacks anxiety and dreadful diseases like cancer and diabetes.