Herb Gardening

Who doesn’t love the fresh aroma of herbs?

There isn’t a tasty dish that does not utilize at least one herb. Why then do we not want to grow our own herbs?

Our ancestors used to cultivate, harvest and store food for a rainy day. The ancient civilization learnt the science of farming very early.

You do not need a green thumb to grow herbs. Most of the herbs are easy to grow in your home garden. The important thing is to dedicate a portion of your kitchen garden to grow herbs.

Herb gardening unlike fruit and vegetable farming requires less space. It is becoming popular due to various reasons. More importantly because fresh herbs are not readily available, the produce is mild and less spicy. On the other hand fresh herbs from your home garden can impart tanginess to an otherwise lackluster recipe.

Your home herb garden can start with the easy growing herbs which require less maintenance. With some experience and adeptness, you can steadily mature to harvesting herbs with apparent ease. Herb gardening provides us a link to Mother Nature, the hobby can be very refreshing and rejuvenating. It also provides us an opportunity to be in the outdoors space breathing fresh air instead of the stale environment of an air conditioned room.

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