Simple Home Herb Garden Tips

If you love fresh herbs and gardening then home herb garden is for you. Here are some simple gardening tips that will kick start your home herb garden.

Though herbs were popular with ancient civilizations, it is not common for people to grow herbs in their garden. Generally fruits and vegetables are cultivated and herbs are ignored.

Welcome to My Garden
Welcome to My Garden
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Your kitchen garden can become a safe haven for herbs. Not only fresh herbs add zest to your recipes, you will find that they can be used as alternative remedies for minor ailments like cold and cough.

Nothing better than brewing a cup of green tea from your own home grown herbs. You will also find the salads that are garnished from your herb garden tastier due to the fact they are fresh and use home grown compost.

Instead of growing herbs randomly, make a list of herbs that you find easy to grow and utilize. You can subsequently add more to the list. Try growing vegetables plants with herbs. Herbs act as companion plants and reduce pests.

You can begin herb gardening with a minimal list of handful of herbs and a small garden tool kit.

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