Rosemary in Your Herb Garden

The beautiful and delicious rosemary herb is a must in your garden. Famous for its culinary and medicinal uses, it is one of the important constituent of Mediterranean cuisine. It is native to the Mediterranean terrains of dry and rocky regions. It is also found in the coastline and was used in culinary and healing since the early reminiscences of it being introduced by Romans and Greeks.

History of the Rosemary Herb

For centuries rosemary herb was the subject of interest and enthusiasm to the herbalists, scholars and chefs. Greek scholars used rosemary for making small garlands that adorned their heads. This beautiful herb got its name from Latin, “ros” means “dew” and “mary”( or marinus) means dew; together put it becomes “dew of the sea” justifying the phrase and its presence near Mediterranean sea. In Greek mythology the herb is called “anthos” which means flower, which in fact related to the bright fragrant flowers which are blue or pink.

The Greek legend has the goddess Aphrodite draping rosemary around her body while rising from the sea. It is also associated with “Virgin Mary” who is known to use the rosemary bush while resting. When she enveloped her robe on the bush while taking respite perhaps from the scorching sun, the flowers of the plant turned blue making it famous as “Rose of Mary”. However; there is no resemblance of the flowers or the herb to the flowering rose plant.

Facts about Rosemary

  • Mythical facts on rosemary are quite interesting but we feel certain that just having this lovely, aromatic plant in the home will lift anyone’s spirits.
  • Not only was Rosemary long known and used for various purposes such as culinary and medicinal value, it was also used in cultural practices by Greek and Romans.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte must have admired the fragrant herb; it is known that he used a perfume that used rosemary.
  • The herb finds itself in compelling literature, it is mentioned in poetry and makes presence in 5 of Shakespeare’s literary works.
  • Brides in ancient traditions were known to wear rosemary flowers at their weddings. The herb is also related to love and considered a symbol of happiness and trust.
  • Ancient culture and traditions have a sprig of rosemary being placed in the hands of deceased in funerals, this must be a symbol and association to the bereaved one offering console and a method to remember.

Spiritual Connection

The herb enjoys a great spiritual connection to the transcendental realm. Philosophers closely align the plant to bring forth the awareness of the spirit and its close association to humanity by means of its healing power. As a matter of fact, if you grow this herb in your garden, you will love the beauty and serenity surrounding the flowering plant.

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