Start a Home Herb Garden

Starting a home herb garden requires some thoughtful considerations.

Don’t worry if you consider yourself not having a green thumb. What you need is adequate enthusiasm and some will power.

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Once you are into it, you can reap the nature’s bounty.

I would suggest you to start slow, take your time to find the local herbs that grow well in the climate you are residing. You can start with 100 square feet garden and even lesser. In fact you can start your herb garden from a pot. Herbs grow well in containers provided they are well exposed to sunlight and enough water.




Herbs grow even in soil without mulch, however that does not mean the soil has to be poor. By poor soil, I mean it should not contain too much of sand or clay. The soil should be balanced in pH not acidic, nor alkaline.

How do you grow herbs?

While you are debating between seeds and plants which option is better, I would suggest you to grow your first herbs from the saplings, the little herbs are less likely to die. Besides; it takes patience to see the seeds sprouting from the earth and for the beginner it may sound like a lot.

You can buy the herb from a nursery or just borrow it from your neighbour if he happens to own a garden. Herbs when fully grown will multiply in favourable conditions, you can expand your herb garden, store the seeds for next season or lend to a fellow herb gardener.

Growing more than one herb requires ample space, planning and taking care. I would suggest you to do away with pesticides by employing homemade insect repellents. Organic gardening ensures that your herbs are healthy and are free from the toxins that accompany from chemical insecticides and fertilizers.

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