What are Perennial Herbs?

With so many terms doing rounds in the internet, it is sometimes difficult to understand the significance of perennial when applied to herbs. So, what are perennial herbs actually?

Creating a Perennial Garden in the Midwest - Book

Creating a Perennial Garden in the Midwest – Book

Are Herbs Annual, Perennial or Biennial?

It is easy to distinguish a tree or a flowering plant that is annual or perennial. For example a tree type that completes its life cycle in a year from seed to plant, bearing flowers and seeds and dies completely is annual. In case of herbs, however; it depends upon climate and environmental conditions such as soil, water requirements and weather.

A Pictorial Guide to Perennial Plants

A Pictorial Guide to Perennial Plants


Many herbs that live for more than 2 years and can be called strictly perennial herbs may not live for another season in extreme climate conditions or the roots may hibernate while the plant dies. In favourable conditions the root may spring up some lively green shoots in spring and though you have thought that the herb plant had died, it had not in reality. That is why it is important to assess the hardiness zones and whether or not the herbs are native to the region. Are they happy to grow in completely or partially different conditions?

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