Xeriscaping the Herb Garden

Xeriscaping the herb garden is a step towards water conservation. Any plan or design that helps the landscape by choosing drought resistant plants can also help the herb garden. Here we will see how best we can apply the principles of xeriscaping to the herb garden.

DIY Projects: Xeriscape Landscaping

DIY Projects: Xeriscape Landscaping

Eastern Xeriscape Wildflower Seed Mix - 5 LBS

Eastern Xeriscape Wildflower Seed Mix – 5 LBS

The gardens that we maintain are not designed keeping view the local plants and the rainfall at the region. The result is that our gardens need more water than the natural annual rains could provide. Herbs being short plants are not heavy demanding when it comes to water. Pairing them with drought resistant plants is the principle of ‘Xeriscaping’.

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